Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Certification – PIER
Bachelor’s Degree ACCOUNTING
Graduate Diploma MIGRATION LAW

Making the choice to undertake your international education in Australia is one of the most rewarding experience and adventure in one’s life. Australia has a well-defined learning system where programmes and courses are monitored and regulated to ensure the desired outcomes from the academic programmes…

Australia has some of the most reputable and best research institutions in the world, with high quality academic programs, student satisfaction and global academic recognition. Students are also allowed by their student visa to work part-time during their studies and full-time while on break.

Apart from the high- quality education system, Australia further offers high quality of life, grand infrastructure and magnificent cosmopolitan cities, safety, adaptability, cultural diversity, beautiful and vast natural attractions, friendly and accommodating society, food, excellent standards of living and healthy outdoor lifestyle; ALL UNDERPINNED BY STRONG ECONOMIC GROWTH.

Now an Australian citizen, I have personally undergone through this process after migrating to Australia from Kenya many years ago, and the journey has been infinitely extraordinary and immensely rewarding.

PTAA Australia Education is delighted to be part of your transition to the endless opportunities in Australia, and we position ourselves to offer you the best possible information, counsel and guidance to leverage these opportunities, including the most suitable and appropriate learning pathways and best educational choices.

Thank you for choosing PTAA Australia Education.