Phase 1: Course Identification and Counselling

With expertise in Australia and Kenya, PTAA is well resourced and equipped to provide precise and definite counsel to aspiring students in all our designated regions. PTAA Australia Education will liaise both with you and the most suitable educational Institutions, with regards to your best interests and circumstances, in order to identify your most suitable and appropriate course and program to pursue. With all the relevant information available to you, you will be able to reach a well-informed decision about the most suitable program for you.

Phase 2: Program Application

Once a consensus has been reached in relation to the course that is most suitable to your interests and objectives, and with all the relevant supporting documentation available, PTAA will manage the entire process including making the application on your behalf to the appropriate institutions and universities via each institution’s internal application process.

Phase 3: Application Assessment

An application, accompanied with all the supporting documentation will normally be assessed between 1 to 4 weeks. Australian institutions usually will expect you to satisfy the following criteria:
English language minimum criteria.
Prior academic and/or employment criteria.
Genuine Temporary Entrant and Genuine Student criteria.
PTAA Australia Education will advise you accordingly and resoundingly represent you aiming to get you the best possible and favorable outcome of the application.

Phase 4: Favourable Outcome

Well done and congratulations. A positive assessment outcome means that the particular institution has offered you a position to study in Australia. The relevant institution will provide you with either;
(a) Conditional Letter of Offer; or
(b) Unconditional Letter of Offer
Conditional letter of Offer outlines the conditions you are required to satisfy before paying any fees and/or enroll in the course.
Unconditional letter indicates that you have met all the requirements and can now accept the study/program offer and proceed to pay the required fees (either a deposit or the full fee).
You will be instructed in each letter about the next steps to follow, but like addressed before, PTAA will lead on to assist you take on every turn of events.

Phase 5: Accepting the Offer

With PTAA Australia Education counsel, you are required to follow the instructions in your letter of offer aiming to accept the offer, signing and returning the terms of agreement back to the relevant institution. PTAA Australia Education will give you clear advise in relation to the relevant institution’s refund policy before you pay any fees. Thereupon, you will be expected to pay the relevant amount of fee directly to the relevant institution through the banking details provided for in your offer letter.

Once the institution has received the required amount of fee, the institution will proceed to issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter to confirm your position. The CoE will form the backbone of your student visa application, among other relevant supporting documentation.

Phase 6: Student Visa Application

A student visa gets you to Australia! It’s time to apply for one. Australian visas are processed by the Department of Home Affairs – Immigration. PTAA Australia Education offshore offices handles the visa application process, and will assist you in applying for the visa, and advise you about all the relevant supporting documentation required and handle the entire process on your behalf. PTAA Australia Education offshore advises that, while every individual’s circumstance is different, the following are some of the conventional student visa requirements;

i) Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)
ii) Valid passport
iii) National ID, birth certificate and Driver’s license
iv) COVID-19 Valid Vaccine – Evidence Required
v) English test results
vi) Health Insurance Cover
vii) Relevant medical examination
viii) Yellow fever and polio certificate
ix) Good conduct certificate/Police clearance
xi) Passport photo
xii)Digital photo and fingerprints (Biometrics/personal identifiers)
xiii) Financial capacity
xiv) Employment and/or educational history
xv) For family applications – evidence of relationship
xvi) Research students – copy of your research (thesis/project) topic and CV

Congratulations! Once the student visa requirements are met, Immigration will grant you a student visa, and PTAA Australia Education offshore will advise you of the outcome and you are on your way to Australia when you are ready!
Time to pay for your flight.

Step 7: Arrival to Australia

PTAA Australia Education offshore will brief you with pre-departure information, while PTAA Australia Education onshore (Australia) will pick you up from the airport and provide you with all the support you will need to facilitate an explicit and smooth transition and integration to Australia.