At PTAA Australia Education, we position ourselves as the robust bridge between the world-class, prestigious and reputable Australian educational institutions and the genuine international students who intend to study for the right reasons in order to consistently follow on their past, present and future educational and career path.


While the educational institutions remain solely responsible for student recruitment and placement activities, our strategy is to create superior value for, and act in the best interest of the student by matching the student’s needs, priorities and circumstances with the most appropriate and suitable institution.


To position ourselves as the most sought-after educational agency platform in giving the best advice, counsel and guidance regarding Australia’s high-quality education and way of life.

Mission and Objective:

To facilitate excellent and rewarding personal experience, educational outcomes and career development for students to enhance their position in the radical and constantly changing global environment.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Professional conduct
  • Ethical practices and standards


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